Design Meets Art

Rochester, New York has a rich art culture due in no small part to the contributions of our own Wendell Castle.  The 64th Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition at the Memorial Art Gallery featured 100 works of art, including two pieces of furniture crafted by Tracy Fiegl, master cabinetmaker at the Wendell Castle Collection.  A few of us went to the member’s opening party to support our friend Tracy.

While the show was weighted mostly toward photography (and modified photography), as one would expect in Rochester, there were also paintings, sculpture, and Tracy in a tie.

Tracy’s Needle Cabinet and Cascus Cabinet were very prominently featured at the exhibition, and he received some nice compliments, notably from one of the curators. Tracy, whom you’ll be further introduced to in a subsequent blog, is hands-down the best cabinetmaker I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and I have worked with some great ones. His cabinetmaking skills and attention to detail are second to none and his dry wit keeps all of us laughing.

Since it was our first time in the museum, my wife and I walked around and looked for all of Wendell’s art pieces that are on display, like the Dr. Caligari Clock, which he created in 1984 based on the German horror movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

One of the highlights of the evening for me was having Tracy and Dan Herberger, our engineer, give us a short tour of the museum, pointing out their favorite pieces of art.  Their depth of knowledge and passion for the pieces simply amazes me.  They are perfect representatives of the masters at work here at the Wendell Castle Collection.

There is so much talent here at the Wendell Castle Collection.  In the weeks to come, we’ll be introducing the people who make the impeccably crafted furniture that has Wendell’s name on it, right here on these online pages that make up the Wendell Castle Collection Modern Luxury blog.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these pictures of Tracy’s pieces as well as some of Wendell’s monumental artwork on display at the Memorial Art Gallery

Tracy Fiegl's Needle Cabinet at the MAG

Tracy Fiegl’s Needle Cabinet at the Memorial Art Gallery

Tracy Fiegl's Cascus Cabinet

Tracy Fiegl’s Cascus Cabinet

Dan and Tracy enjoying Wendell's Unicorn Family at Night

Dan Herberger and Tracy Fiegl enjoying Wendell Castle’s Unicorn Family at night.

WC Dr. Caligari Clock

Dr. Caligari Clock

Wendell Castle's Unicorn Family in front of the MAG in Rochester.

Wendell Castle’s Unicorn Family in front of the MAG in Rochester.


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Branded today, collectible tomorrow.

What have you done for me lately? – Series Part 6

Branding Wendell Castle Collection "WC" on Zorro Desk

Branding Wendell Castle Collection “WC” on Zorro Desk

Hand Painting Wendell Castle Collection "WC" on Lacquered Wendell Stool

Hand Painting Wendell Castle Collection “WC” on Lacquered Wendell Stool

Each original piece of his art is permanently signed “Wendell Castle,” as a last step, by the master himself.  It’s his stamp of approval, and a way to authenticate his work for future collectors.  Wendell Castle continued this practice when he developed the Wendell Castle Collection, creating a brand of his initials “WC” to be placed on each piece.  The brand disappeared for a few years, overtaken by a less permanent hand painted logo, which was favored over burned paint and bubbled lacquer, as many more lacquer pieces were introduced into the collection.

Complete "WC" Wendell Castle Collection Brand

Complete “WC” Wendell Castle Collection Brand

Complete Wendell Castle Collection "WC" on Lacquered Wendell Stool

Complete Wendell Castle Collection “WC” on Lacquered Wendell Stool

Today we blend the two methods, using the brand again on any wood pieces and saving the hand painted signature, which has been permanently incorporated within the many layers of finish, for lacquered pieces.  This year the Wendell Castle Collection moves into its 15th year of business, Wendell reaches his 80thbirthday and we have distinguished guests discussing the collectibility of our pieces at several events in the Thomas Lavin and Dennis Miller Associates showrooms.  It makes sense to provide a permanent mark on each piece helping to authenticate the piece and celebrate the designs of Wendell Castle.  We take great pride in providing clients with the highest quality modern luxury furniture, and we won’t put “WC” on it unless we are delighted with the result.

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The Clothes Make the Sizzle

Sizzle Table - Macassar Ebony; Brown/ Black Crackle - Wendell Castle

Sizzle - Macassar Ebony; Brown/ Black Crackle

“It’s Finished.” Series part 2 

Every piece of furniture that we hand craft has something unique about it, something that makes it an original.  It is truly fascinating how many finish combinations contribute to this unique variety of luxury furniture.  The Sizzle table is a great case in point.

Wendell originally made the Sizzle as an art piece, and when he then put it into production (perhaps too soon we know, let’s move on) he specified a beautiful Macassar Ebony veneer top with a Brown/ Black cracklefinish on the belly of the piece.  While this is still our most popular version, our customers have changed the character, and I imagine the function, of the Sizzle countless times just with their finish selections.

Sizzle 2 Table - Pau Ferro; Cioccolate Lacquer - Wendell Castle Collection

Sizzle 2 - Pau Ferro; Cioccolate Lacquer

Formal: Macassar Ebony, or Pau Ferro veneer tops, polished to a high sheen along with a gloss sheen lacquer belly put white tie on the Sizzle.  It can’t be stuffy with that shape, but it oozes quality and formality in this combination.

Sizzle Table - Olmsted Walnut; Caldo Lacquer - Wendell Castle Collection

Sizzle - Olmsted Walnut; Caldo Lacquer

Eclectic: These are the fun ones.  It is hard to imagine how these pieces work in an interior, but I am sure they do.  Striking color combinations, like the Verde and Bianca

Sizzle Table - Verde & Bianca Lacquer - Wendell Castle Collection

Sizzle - Verde & Bianca Lacquer

Lacquer or Olmsted Walnut and Caldo Lacquer shown here, take the whimsy of Wendell’s form and turn it to eleven.  How do they think to do that?

Sizzle Table - Bleached Walnut; Renna Lacquer - Wendell Castle Collection

Sizzle - Bleached Walnut; Renna Lacquer

Warm: Modern interiors are often perceived as cold or uninviting.  The right textures and finishes will fix that perception as with the Sizzles here.  The warm wood tones blend seamlessly with a comfortable lacquer color that is as cozy in a log home as it is in a modern condo.

Pure:  Simple Bianca Lacquer shows off the Sizzle form on its

Sizzle Table - Zebrawood; Nuovo Lacquer - Wendell Castle Collection

Sizzle - Zebrawood; Avorio Lacquer

own.  It is simple and clean, and carries all the sophistication of a modern luxury table created by Wendell Castle.

None of this variety is unusual to us.  Sizzles, along with Kyotos, Palettes, and our many other pieces are each unique as they are built one at a time and with the

Sizzle Table - Bianca Lacquer - Wendell Castle Collection

Sizzle - Bianca Lacquer

distinguishing finishes that our clients choose.  So, what will they ask for next?  Keep an eye on the Custom Gallery and we will share each one of a kind piece with you.  Furniture today, collectible tomorrow.

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Furniture Friendly

What have you done for me lately? – Series Part 5

Amigo Table, Black and White Ceruse, Wendell Castle Collection

Amigo Table in Black and White Ceruse finish

As business picks up for the spring, and we are working very hard to introduce some new pieces, it is always comforting and even exciting to get reacquainted with old friends.  Though they might lose some weight, and update to a keen new wardrobe, there is always something familiar about getting back together.

Recently, after a great deal of effort, we were able to get back together with one of our old friends whom we had always admired for their boldness, originality and beautiful grain.  Of course, I am talking about the Amigo table.

Amigo Table, Bleached Walnut, Wendell Castle Collection

Amigo Table in new Bleached Walnut finish

When we knew the Amigo several years ago, we often saw it clothed in black, perhaps with a little white ceruse.  While our little friend still has the sculptural and whimsical character that makes it undeniably a Wendell Castle creation, it has matured in its timeless style, dons a wider array of finishes, and has even brought a couple of other friends to the party.  More will be shown and shared about these friends as we introduce them at Thomas Lavin in March and Dennis Miller in June.  For now, it’s just nice to be back together with an old friend, especially one as fun and easy on the eyes as is the Amigo.

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Party and Preview with Friends

Wendell Castle at Leighton Design Group

Wendell Castle at Leighton Design Group

Showroom Me – Series Part 1

The Wendell Castle Collection has a unique relationship with Leighton Design Group, often trading services back and forth to help each other on different projects.  As a result of this relationship, I was fortunate to be on the guest list for their annual party, where Chris Leighton invites both clients and suppliers to have some terrific hors d’oeuvres – not to mention excellent wine – and spend some time talking shop in his lovely new studio, in the arts district of Rochester, NY.

Chris Leighton

Chris Leighton, surprised by the camera

In addition to rubbing elbows with the wonderful people who enjoy our furniture in their homes, we took the party as an opportunity to offer a preview of a new piece that Wendell designed, which is slated for full introduction in March 2012.  You may catch a glimpse of this currently unnamed piece in the party pictures here. It features beautiful mosaic burl veneer, hand-cut dovetail joinery, and a sculpted form reminiscent of some of Wendell’s art pieces from 1980.  While I would love to share many more detailed pictures of this beautiful piece, I was not in control of the camera at the time, and am therefore limited in my visual offerings.  I assure you it is beautiful, uniquely Wendell Castle; and good things come to those who wait.

Richard & Jennifer Sands at Leighton Design 12-8-11 Wendell Castle Collection

Richard & Jennifer Sands at Leighton Design

Our upholstery shop upgrades, mentioned in previous entries, have also begun to yield results.   We brought one of our Voiture chairs, Comfort significantly improved, to the event at Chris’ hoping for a lot of feedback from our clients.  However, not many people sat in the chair because those who did wouldn’t get out.  Actions speak louder than words, don’t they?  This is just the first of many comfort improvements that are being completed in our seating line.  The Wendell and Cloud chairs are next to receive a face-lift (or fanny-lift, if you will), and they will be introduced as improvements are completed.

New Piece at LDG Party The Wendell Castle Collection

Spirited conversation around the new piece from The Wendell Castle Collection

It’s always fun to get together with family and friends near the holidays.  In our case we are also grateful to share some new pieces with our customers, and see their faces light up as they express, “I’ve never seen anything like that – it’s beautiful.”  One of our more skeptical customers went so far as to say that the curves on the new piece are very “sexy.”  Look for more of our new pieces to be introduced soon and enjoy this festive season.  We wish you a beautiful, sexy holiday season from your friends at The Wendell Castle Collection.

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Wendell Castle’s tables make for great dinnertime conversation. We recently had a chance to chat him up a bit about the dining tables that have sprung from the reservoir of creativity in his mind. He was a bit distracted as caterers were setting up for a reception at his artist’s studio, which actually was his first house, but that’s a subject for another blog.

His favorite dining table in the Wendell Castle Collection is the Paragon (below), an architectural wonder on 10 post legs. “My philosophy is to have as few legs as possible or a whole lot,” explains Wendell. “I’ve created pieces of furniture that have had a dozen legs.” In the case of the Paragon, without leaves the legs fit in between each other, making two rows of legs. When the table is pulled open and a leaf inserted, the legs open up and there are four rows of legs, 3-2-3-2. “This is the only table that I made a model of so that I could see how the legs shift back and forth,” says Wendell. There are plans to bring back the Paragon to the Wendell Castle Collection on the occasion of the artist’s milestone 80th birthday next year.

Most of Wendell’s tables don’t have leaves, but they have a sense of humor or an air of mystery. These seem to be trademark attributes in Wendell’s work. The MC2 table (below), for example, started out with the base, which is a jumbo jack. Wendell is so intrigued by the jack that he has four in his office that he has stacked. “They look like sculpture,” he muses. What an idea: Store the tabletop and stack the jacks to make a most whimsical sculpture!

Thomas Lavin, who owns the stylish showroom in the Pacific Design Center, favors the MC2 in white. “It’s clean, sculptural, contemporary, sophisticated!” It has been quite popular; he has sold dozens.

The magical quality of the Sorcerer drop-leaf veneered table (above)  is that it can be displayed as a diamond or it can virtually disappear if folded and stored. It can be a square table, a triangular table (one leaf down), or a hall table (two leaves down). Fully open, it is a near-4-foot-square table with 30 luscious wood veneer options and 15 lacquers. Wendell likes the idea that a person who has a party can use the Sorcerer to augment the dining table. “You can put your hors d’oeuvres on it,” he says, adding, “It’s good for apartment living in New York. If you had a small place you could put it away.” He should know; he has a small apartment in New York.

Remember the blog prior to this one about the finishes? Well, it is all in the finishes, and the Tokyo table (below) not only shows off the Wendell Castle Collection’s talents in world-class veneers but it also demonstrates classic joinery techniques. You can see it below in two entirely different finishes. The first is in Olmsted Walnut with a satin sheen and the second is polished Macassar ebony with an ebonized walnut stretcher (and feet) with a satin sheen. As for the name, Wendell came up with it after the piece was completed, which is his m.o. “After the fact, there seemed to be something Oriental about it, even though that was never the intention,” says Wendell. “When I put a combination of parts together it gave that impression.”

And Wendell’s preference for his own home? The dining table, at his house in upstate New York, near the University of Rochester, consists of a large oval top perched on 12 cone-shaped legs with brass rings hanging from four red brackets underneath the tabletop. It is a one-off art piece that Wendell made in 1980. He named it Never Complain, Never Explain after a quote he says came from the British Prime Minister Disraeli. “I believe in that sentiment, and I wanted to put a message on the top of the table, then I wanted to hide it,” says Wendell. The quote is actually embedded in the fair-hued holly table top as a series of inlaid amaranth (purple heart) dots spaced out across the surface. “No one can find it unless I point out where to start,” says Wendell.

We’d like to hear from you about which Wendell Castle Collection tables you like.

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Finishing Fundamentals

“It’s Finished.” Series part 1

Kyoto, Fiesta, Habileur Wendell Castle Collection

Walnut Kyoto, Caldo Lacquer Habileur, Crackle Fiesta

A finish is a special top coat or layer that is applied to a substrate, luxury furniture in our case, to make it more beautiful or durable for its intended use.  At the Wendell Castle Collection, we use a wide variety of finishes, even offering limitless custom finishes when needed.  Considering all of the options, finishes can get very complicated, and often misrepresented.  Here are some of the basics to help you understand all of the finish options at The Wendell Castle Collection.

Substrate (the flesh)

Wendell is a great sculptor of wood so, as you would expect, we work primarily in wood.  Solid wood is primarily used when we are sculpting or where the structure requires extra strength.  Veneer is typically used for exotic species, which may not be available in solids, or where the design requires something special that can’t be done with solid wood.  Solid wood and veneer are available in a great number of species, like Mahogany, Walnut, and Oak, as well as different figures or looks, like plain sliced (with cathedrals), and rift (straight grain).

Sizzle 3 and 4 Pod Wendell Castle Collection

Sizzle 3 & 4 Pod Tables

When the form overcomes the practicality of wood, we will create a piece in fiberglass, or plastic resins, which can be molded into limitless shapes that are painted to achieve fine aesthetics.  Our highly regarded Sizzle tables are examples of these sculpted pieces which utilize fiberglass forms

Color (the underwear)

To enhance mother nature’s colors on our wood finishes, we frequently use water-based stains, which provide consistent and easy to match colors, while being environmentally friendly.  The wood stains are also completed in multiple steps, including coats of sealer, stain, toner, and ceruse (color that stays only in the grain), to accomplish a variety of colors and effects and meet the design requirements of any interior.

MC3 and Custom Sizzle Wendell Castle Collection

Bleached Walnut MC3 & Quilted Moabi Sizzle

Fiberglass pieces are most often painted to achieve one of two looks, crackle or lacquer.  The crackle finishes are quite complex, using as many as 8 paint colors, and “crackling” or shrinking the paint multiple times to achieve the desired effect.  For lacquer colors, we use the highest quality DuPont paint system, which is also used on custom automobiles, and allows us the flexibility to match any color possible. The paint is so durable that lacquered Wendell Castle pieces such as Morocco and Karma are often used outdoors.

Top Coat (the clothes)

None of the paints, stains, or crackle finishes would be durable without the top coat.  This is a layer of pre-catalyzed lacquer, urethane or polyurethane that seals and protects the substrate and color while providing desired sheen, or shininess.  In some cases, the top coat will follow the texture of the wood grain or crackle.  Typically, with the exotic woods, we will fill the grain so that the top coat is applied to a smooth surface and can then be polished to achieve a glass like surface, just like the top coat on the lacquer paint finishes.

Morocco and Sorcerer Wendell Castle Collection

Fiamma Lacquer Morocco & Moabi/ Walnut Sorcerer

When someone specifies a finish, often we use a single word, like “Mahogany,” or “Ebony.”  However, each finish has all of these layers, substrate, color and top coat that contribute to its beauty and durability.  They also allow us to offer a wide variety of finishes to perfectly match any interior, which means we can custom make a finish to a customer’s color specifications.  At the Wendell Castle Collection we are always up for the challenge.

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“Taking Care of Business.” Series Part 3

A few months ago I didn’t even know what a blog was (having read a few of these, you may say that nothing has changed).  Much like my first steps into the furniture world; where I found out about foresters, hardware suppliers, energy contracts, 3D computer aided design, luxury furniture showrooms, interior designers, and  cabinetmakers, I realized that digital media is a huge world.  It’s enlightening, and makes you appreciate just how large this world is – how something that you take for granted employs a lot of people and is so engrained into many aspects of your life.

As part of blogging, you are inundated with comments on every post that you write, and have to approve or disapprove each of them.  Very few of these comments are useful, with most being written by programs that are trying to get better search results for their owner’s sites.  Sounds dry, but every once in a while there is a comedy nugget that makes me laugh out loud (I still refuse the acronym) and I wanted to share some of them here.  Below are some of my favorites.

  • Knocked my socks off with konewlgde!
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I’m not sure what the brussels are plotting, but I will watch out for them as well.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts;  I would love to get some intelligent responses, and perhaps even start a full blown conversation.

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We haven’t done anything, or have we?

“What have you done for me lately?” Series Part 4

At the risk of overusing yet another business colloquialism (yes, it’s a word); there is no fat to be trimmed at The Wendell Castle Collection.  For this reason, we are able to be efficient, and quick to make changes.  This lean organization (I can’t believe I used that one) also requires us to share responsibility and constantly reprioritize in an effort to adapt to changing circumstances.  Unfortunately that often leaves the blog at the bottom of the list, and you in the dark.  Yes, this is a fancy way of saying: “damn, I forgot the blog again.”  So, with renewed effort, organization, enthusiasm and priority, here are a few things that have kept me from creative weaving of phrase.


WCC Custom Dining Table


What isn’t custom?  It’s been said, but it’s worth repeating: there’s no shelf stock here, we make a piece when you order it.  So, we know who each piece is being made for, and as you can see from our ever-changing Custom Gallery, new and interesting pieces are an every day occurrence at WCC.  Among the recent highlights are the custom Claro Walnut dining table with a Lucite slab base, the revival of the Boxer chairs, and my personal favorite, the 2 Pod Sizzle with Pau Ferro veneer top and Cioccolate Lacquer base.  The Pau Ferro Sizzle has to be seen to be believed – it exudes elegance.  Excitement builds for each of these projects, because we know that no matter the depth of our imagination, the final result is much more impressive than we had expected.  Coming soon, we will share some beautiful custom Muse Night Stands, again with Pau Ferro, and an delightful Habileur-Changing Table hybrid – No, I am not kidding.

Voiture Chairs - Custom Olympia - Wendell Castle Collection

Voiture Chairs & Custom Olympia


No person or company stays on top forever, rather we all journey through the struggles and triumphs that result from changing conditions, our efforts, and luck.  When challenges arise, I prefer to be on my toes rather than my heels, and that’s what we are doing with upholstery.  We’ve invested in an upholstery workshop that is four times larger than previous – a clear signal that we are strongly committed to making improvements in this area.  With Wendell’s guidance we will be redesigning our existing seating to improve comfort and tailoring.  When complete, we will use the methods employed to design and launch new upholstered pieces, worthy of the Wendell Castle name, with high quality details and buttery comfort.  (I wanted to make sure you were still paying attention.)  We look forward to impressing you with the results.

New products

Prototype Desk Sneak Preview - The Wendell Castle Collection

Prototype Desk Sneak Preview

Other than getting to work with world leading craftsmen, and very good people, the most fun thing that I get to undertake at WCC is development and production of new products.  What is he going to come up with?  How are we going to make that?  What does it cost?  How will everyone know about it?  Why doesn’t the picture ever do it justice?  There are so many questions to ask and problems to solve that when it is all said and done, the resulting pieces are extremely satisfying.  Though it is very difficult to let them go, we are very lucky to craft such wonderful pieces of luxury furniture every day.  This fall, with Wendell driving our creative process, and strongly favoring quality over quantity, we are hand crafting some beautiful tables and desks for spring introduction.  Inspired by art pieces that Wendell created in the 1970s, this time our new pieces begin their design in 3D CAD.  From this platform we can make significant changes without the burden of rebuilding the pieces, and create pretty renderings like the one here.  Look for these pieces, which share the same timeless elegance and lasting quality synonymous with all of Wendell’s work, to be introduced at West Week in the Thomas Lavin showroom in March, and at a showroom near you throughout the spring.

While my communicative efforts have suffered, The Wendell Castle Collection is hard at work crafting your beautiful luxury furniture, continuously improving our pieces, and turning more of Wendell’s design vision into reality.  At WCC we are always improving, striving to exceed our customer’s expectations, and hand crafting furniture as an American art form.  How many colloquialisms did you count?  I have twelve, not including the shameless search engine optimization phrases.

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What’s with the Serieses?

“Taking Care of Business.” Series Part 2

I am rarely at a loss for words, a fact that would be verified by our craftsmen who frequently tell me that they “have to get this done,” a polite way of saying “shut up.”  However, faced with creating frequent blog posts, to keep our showrooms and customers informed about the features of the Wendell Castle Collection as well as our upcoming projects, I found myself sitting at my keyboard, looking at a blank screen, lost.

You may know that Wendell is an aficionado of old European sports cars.  I, myself am a bit of a motor head, though from this side of the pond.  So, I listen to Car Talk, on NPR.  I like to try to solve the problems before the hosts can, who undoubtedly have a battalion of researchers helping them.  They have a weekly puzzle which is always titled “from my Blagh Blagh series.”  OK, in short: I stole the series idea.  Unlike the gentlemen on Car Talk, who have a different series represented each week with no repeats in sight, I have a finite number of series – currently nine of them.

We’ve begun several of them – “Quality First” as the name suggests is about the high quality details of our modern furniture; “Taking Care of Business” was inspired by Elvis’s famous saying and tends to cover the business of luxury furniture; “What Have You Done For Me Lately” has been frequently used as I have an affliction leading to infrequent blog posts – and there are several more to come.

“It’s Finished” will share some of our finishing techniques, while “What Did You Make Today” will feature struggles and triumphs of luxury furniture pieces in process.  My favorite series will be “American Made” which will feature profiles of each craftsman at Wendell Castle Collection.  However, since they are a humble bunch, it may take me a while to coerce them into some self promotion.  I am sure you will enjoy it; they are great people and amazing at what they do.

So, if there are any other series, or ideas, or details that you want to know, let us know.  Now that the serieses give me an avenue to organize my thoughts we can share anything you want to know about The Wendell Castle Collection.  While Wendell is usually soft-spoken, sharing his thoughts through his art, I am never at a loss for words about him or the collection.

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