Fine hinges with a soft touch

“Quality First.” Series Part 2

One of the fun parts about making Wendell Castle furniture is being able to use the best materials and hardware.  Quality is truly our first priority, and while it is always hard to spend the money on the best (especially for someone as . . “frugal”. . as I am) the result is always impressive.



Soft close technology for drawers and doors has been around for a number of years and the undeniable soft close leader is Blum.  There are many other manufacturers who make soft close hinges and slides that are just as good as Blum at this point, but Blum is the most recognizable, and certainly the maker who has been the most chased.  We have used Blum soft close drawer slides and door hinge hardware at The Wendell Castle Collection for many years.  The quality is recognizably one of the best, and each piece of hardware offers many adjustments which make it easy to keep your drawers and doors perfectly lined up, even when on an uneven floor.


Blum soft-close hinge on Cipher

To close a door with a soft touch, it used to be necessary to use a damper piston attached to the hinge, or in place of a door strike.  While these dampers do soften the door closing, they are a bit bulky and sometimes the door closes hard against the damper before it slows down.  Blum is now using a soft close door hinge where the damping mechanism is integrated into the hinge itself.  It’s hard to see that it is there at all.  The result is a nice soft closing door, with less bulky hardware and no hard strike.  After some thorough testing, we are now using these soft close hinges on almost every door we make.  Touch-latch doors, of course, do not get a soft close feature, as the two mechanisms would fight with each other.

To a cabinetmaker, this is cool stuff.  To our customers it is the high level of detail, refinement and quality that they expect from buying the best.  We pour over every detail of our pieces to ensure that we impress our customers with the result.  Ask us why we use what we use, we will tell you how we got there, and why it is the best solution.

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